Musta lammas choir equals irresistible grooves and delicious soundscapes.

The choir consist of 24 professional musicians from Helsinki, Finland, that have been working together since the group was founded in early spring 2016. During the last year, Musta lammas has seen headlining festivals such as SingStrong i New York and the Vasa Choir Festival. In 2017, the choir won first prize at the Aarhus Vocal Festival (DK) choir competition, as well as a special prize for the most innovative arrangement.

All of Musta lammas music is custom written for the group and varies from original songs to tasty re-arrangements. The group is specialized in so-called rhythmic music, meaning pop, jazz, rock, blues and funk – to name a few. Musta lammas is Finnish for “black sheep”, pointing at their position as groundbreakers within the Finnish choir scene. The choir combines a passion for rhythmic music with high-leveled musicianship. Musta lammas was founded and is led by Ida Olsonen.


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Musta lammas: Lähellä is a collection of close-ups of everyday life. Our concert at Ritarihuone will be a more stripped down, acoustic version of Musta lammas, which listeners aren’t as used to. Musta lammas, since its’ founding in 2016, has brought a rhythmic foundation to the Finnish choral scene.

The group’s repertoire consists of own compositions and texts as well as tasty custom arrangements specifically made for Musta lammas. Musical improvisation holds an important spot in the group’s presentation both as a rehearsal tool as well as on stage.

Kuoromusiikin kausikonsertit (seasonal choral concerts) is a ground breaking project consisting of metropolitan choirs coming together for year-round concerts of the highest quality.

Musta lammas: Lähellä
29.9.2022 at 19.00
Ritarihuone, Helsinki

Tickets to Ritarihuone
– 25€
– 15€ (children, students, servicemen, retirees and unemployed status’)
Kausikonsertti cards
– full-season card 185€
– half-season card 100€

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Finnish specialists of rhythmic music Cassiopeia from Oulu and Musta lammas from Helsinki will join forces to show what choral music at its finest can nowadays be. These concerts will offer new and refreshing views on choral music with music from Finnish and international musicians as well as own compositions. Almost all of the repertoire is custom-made for the performers making for a unique concert experience.

The latest recording project for Cassiopeia has been a collection of 15 songs of PMMP’s (Finnish pop group) music. Arrangements for the songs on the album are from some of the best and brightest Finnish arrangers. The album was released in 2019 and plenty of the songs will be present in this concert as well.

The repertoire of Mustan lammas consists of everything pop music has to offer performed with impeccable artistic vision without sacrificing groove. Listeners are in for a spectacular show which will bring forth the group’s uniqueness, energy and expertise.

Both groups will also perform as one super group, which will create an absolutely unique experience! The concerts are produced in collaboration with the Oulu Theatre.



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